Friday, June 19, 2009

Gen Update 6/19

Well, the warmer weather has unfortunately stalled the writing projects as Rachel and I become more involved in our outdoor activities. This is only a minor hiccup, as I am still writing whenever I can and still plan to have the third Tymarune book completed by August. Rachel writes when she can, she's been working a ton, and her book is going to be incredible. If you liked the feel of Descent, you'll love Fastling.
Once Tymarune is complete, I'll be spending some time looking for an agent, as well as trying to get my book into local stores, before I move on to a new project. Still leaning towards some short stories, but I have a number of ideas for new, stand alone, novels, too. Well, probably stand alone, writing series is fun, because you become entrenched in that world and hate to leave it!
So, look for the third Tymarune in August and check back for updates. Follow us on Facebook, search by our names or the Fablulous Funk Writing Team, and we're on Twitter, too.

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