Monday, May 25, 2009

General Update 5/25/09

Rachel is making serious headway on Fastling, which I just read a part of her new stuff, and it is amazing. By far her best work, the story is richer and more complex than Descent and it is just as captivating. She keeps plugging away at it and hopefully it'll be done soon! It really is an amazing story.
I am still working on the third Tymarune book and its coming along. This one is a broader story and delves into more of the world than the previous two and I think its the best one of the three so far. I am hoping to have the first draft done in a month or so, then I'll be editing it, possibly rewriting depending on how well it flows. Once its done I will focus on finding a literary agent before starting on a new project, which will be a departure from Tymarune, possibly a series of short stories.

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