Friday, November 21, 2008

Descent Into Temptation in stores near you...

...if you live in Sanford Michigan, that is. The order has been placed and the books are on their way and will be fore sale at 3 (count them...3!) locations in Sanford. Pineview Grocery, Timbers Party Store and Afterdark Fantasies.
Afterdark is a "novelty" shop I called on whim since there are very adult situations in the book. And I'm glad I did. I spoke with the owner and turns out he has written and self published 2 books himself (about baseball of all'd think being surrounded by the inventory in his store that he'd have some other book ideas, but I guess after 10 years those sorts of things get old...) Anyway... He has contacts at major chain bookstores in the Bay City, Midland and Saginaw Malls where he has arranged book signings and now has his book for sale on their shelves. He's already agreed to sell my book commission free as well as share his contact information and give me some tips on how to win over a bookstore!
Wish me luck, hopefully soon I'll be announcing my first book signing!

Book #2 is still going strong...about 40 pages in so far and the story just keeps on coming, so clear a spot on your'll be heading your way sooner than you think!

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