Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rachel Info...what I'm working on now.

I am in the first stages of writing my second novel. It's going to be a big step away from Descent Into Temptation (DIT). DIT is based purely in reality, while much of the book is spent with the main character losing himself in his own fantasy world, but the situation and circumstances are entirely reality based outside of his mental issues.
The current piece has a working title, but in the end that may change, so I'm going to hold off on letting that out of the bag just yet. Let's just call it #2 for now. But it is going to be based in realms beyond normal human experience...Witchcraft, long running conflicts and ancient battles being waged in the modern world.
So far the writing is going well, this story has been in my mind for months now, but just started getting it down on paper as of October of this year. I didn't focus on it very much at first. I spent a lot of my free time getting DIT ready to publish, but now with that done and more time to work on it, the new book is going great. I'm about 32 pages in at this point, which is wonderful. And the little idea it started out as is rapidly growing and evolving all the time.
DIT took me about 14 months to write, then I let it sit untouched (mostly out of self doubt) for months. then with Tom's gentle pushing, I pulled it out and edited it over the course of a week, I think. This new book...I don't think it will take nearly as long to write, since I know I can start a book and complete it! (That alone is a big boost to keep at it!) Plus, this story is coming so much easier than the first, the writing is more natural and seems to just flow from my imagination to the page.

In the down times between writing, I'm working on promoting DIT. I'll keep you posted on how that goes and what avenues I find that work!

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