Saturday, November 29, 2008


So crazy...I dropped off 6 copies to Pineview Grocery for them to sell, the co-owner bought her copy right then, leaving 5 for the shelf. Well within a few days they have sold all five! It's insane! And they have 7 more people waiting until I bring the store more. Whoo hoo!!!
So, needless to say another order is going in soon! And for more than just 5 this time!

I was talking with Tom today about starting a series of children's books based on our kids and the fantastic adventures they have in their own imaginations. Already soliciting my mom for her hand at the cover work. So during the in between times of working on my latest novel, I'm going to be working on those, too. They'll be shorter and definitely kid oriented, aimed at readers about age 8-10. So I'll keep you all posted on that, too.

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